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About Us

Brand story
Zhongda Anhe is an ETS solution provider that provides ETS (environmental tobacco smoke) solutions to global customers. The brand was mainly engaged in the R & D and production of military and police equipment at the beginning of its establishment, which laid the foundation of zhongda'an and superior quality products. With the changes of the market, the products have been upgraded and transformed continuously over the years. From the manufacturer of intelligent electronic cigarette lighter equipment to the solution provider for civilized smoking environment construction, it has become an ETS solution provider with the equipment and solution provider of smoking room as the core, The products include intelligent electronic cigarette lighter, smoke purifier, negative pressure cigarette trash can, smoke disinfector, intelligent smoking room, etc.
Brand products have been widely used in prisons, drug treatment centers, airports, stations, factories, shopping malls, office buildings, breeding pastures, clubs, catering and fixed smoking areas, which has reduced the resistance for promoting civilized smoking behavior management in various regions, and has established a good cooperative relationship for tobacco companies and prisons and other centralized smoking management units in China Tobacco provinces, At present, it has established cooperative relations with nearly 70 airports and more than 1000 factories and enterprises around the world to jointly build a civilized smoking environment.

Brand introduction
The brand inspiration of Zhongda Anhe comes from the long-standing Chinese culture. It is the core value of the development of Chinese culture to take the meaning of "based on the Central Plains, all directions, peace of mind and Ning". Trust in the promise, the foundation of life, no one can not stand without trust. Zhongda Anhe has always regarded "being calm in the heart, standing on the line, believing in the promise" as the motto of enterprise development. Brand logo is developed from the combination of the initial letter ZD of nuozhongda Pinyin, which expresses the meaning of "peace" with double circles and concentric expression, which embodies the spirit of Zhongda an and unity and common endeavor. The use of blue shows that Da'an and its unremitting pursuit of cutting-edge technology also reveal the persistent practice of Da'an and the concept of blue sky, blue water and environmental protection, representing the mission and responsibility of zhongda'an he.

Our team
Since its establishment, zhongda'an has been adhering to the concept of science and technology first. At present, it has 12 front-line scientific researchers, and has a professional R & D laboratory and product safety testing department, ensuring that each product has passed 72 hours and 36 safety tests. There are 4 professional mechanical and mechanical designers, 700 production and assembly workshops, 16 production teams and 300 level finished product storage capacity, which can easily store 7000 equipment. Perfect professional after-sales team, with 7 professional personnel who have more than 8 years experience in relevant technical industry. Currently, the operation team has 6 people, responsible for the overall operation of online and offline products and brands. The operators with 12 years experience in e-commerce and various professional operation specialists cooperate to support 6 e-commerce customer service and 8 offline entity sales personnel. Shunfeng, Debang, Jingdong and Baishi express logistics co-operation are in-depth, striving to provide high-quality products and services to customers.

Brand ecology

Intelligent storage
The zhongda'an and high-standard intelligent warehouse and logistics base covers an area of more than 3000 square meters. The base is divided into four functional areas through scientific planning. The operation in the warehouse supports barcode management and ERP management in an all-round way. Professional management team and it solution ability ensure the systematic, professional and modern operation of warehousing.

Technology development
Zhongda Anhe manufacturing center covers an area of more than 10000 square meters, and it is equipped with modern production and manufacturing equipment, which can realize mass production of products and ensure the timely supply of products. The product manufacturing selects high quality raw materials, strict product quality inspection team guarantees the high standard of products, and reduces the occurrence of various product problems.

Brand operation
The company is a light intelligent technology company integrating R & D, production, sales and service. Zhongda'an and its brand are committed to providing intelligent, efficient and perfect ETS solution to global customers.

Brand positioning: ETS solution
Business philosophy: leading science and technology, innovation and innovation
Brand culture: professional creation is extraordinary, innovation leads the trend
Service concept: people-oriented, customer-oriented, unity and friendship for common development!
Treat each other sincerely, the product surpasses the customer's demand!
Serve wholeheartedly, create greater value for customers!