How to explore a new way to establish a civilized smoking environment?

Tobacco consumption is a legal consumption behavior. Limiting and controlling tobacco consumption is usually a government policy choice to protect health and environment.

Tobacco consumption is a legal consumption behavior. Limiting and controlling tobacco consumption is usually a government policy choice to protect health and environment.
However, excessive restrictions on consumer behavior and failure to provide consumer places and opportunities will lead to more irregular and uncivilized consumer behavior.
How to solve the contradiction between tobacco consumption and tobacco control is a test of government management level and wisdom.
What is the significance of building cigarette consumption environment and what is the actual situation?
What useful exploration has tobacco industry made in respect of consumers and creating tobacco consumption environment for consumers?
Let's have a look ~
Building a civilized smoking environment is a highly comprehensive and systematic project. It must start from government recognition, public opinion atmosphere, quality improvement, data analysis and other aspects to form an upward spiral closed loop.
On the one hand, we should pay attention to the experience of smokers and look for the starting point and ending point of work from the spiritual and emotional level; On the other hand, it is not only to provide people with smoking places, but also to influence consumers' behavior and training.
Smoking etiquette and norms highlight the civilized spirit of the city.
Therefore, it is necessary to combine the practical work with the development of urban civilization, and explore the deep meaning of the construction of civilized smoking environment, so as to play a big flag.
The degree of urban civilization is closely related to the behavior and habits of citizens, which is reflected in the cultivation of civic awareness, the temperature of humanistic care and the improvement of public facilities. This is a dynamic improvement process involving all citizens.
In the construction of civilized cities, controlling tobacco consumption is usually regarded as an important choice of action, which is to choose to play hide and seek with consumers, or to promote civilized consumption, regulate the improvement of consumption environment, and test and test the social management level of cities.
By gradually improving the overall planning and working mechanism of civilized smoking environment, tobacco industry should not only highlight its social responsibility in urban construction, but also add new highlights to the development of urban civilization##
Unified planning and top-level design. It is the premise for the long-term development of this work to bring the construction of standard smoking areas and characteristic smoking areas into the unified planning of urban civilization construction.
It is necessary to communicate with the relevant departments of the superior government, and after understanding the economic development level of each region, the current situation of urban planning, the proportion of smokers, concentration and distribution areas, formulate the overall plan, and provide reasonable and compliant overall support plan.
According to the actual situation, it will be carried out step by step.
The construction of civilized smoking environment should start from reality and proceed step by step according to the priority.
For administrative areas with high degree of urbanization, representative public places, such as office buildings and industrial parks, can be selected as the key areas of building model projects.
In view of the relatively low degree of urbanization and the development of infrastructure in the administrative region, it is suggested to focus on the construction of smoking spots in tourist attractions and resorts, industrial parks and farmers' markets.
Around these three relationships, we should create a civilized new ecology of smoking environment.
The Internet plus action plan of the tobacco industry points out that the Internet's innovative achievements should be deeply integrated with all fields of the tobacco industry to promote technological progress, efficiency improvement and organizational change, enhance innovation and productivity, and form a wider Internet based infrastructure and innovative elements.
A new form of industrial development.
The construction of civilized smoking environment combined with the latest technology will become an important driving force for the industry to establish a diversified, open and integrated new economic ecosystem.
Please pay attention to the relationship between the installation point of standard smoking column and the smoking population density.
In today's highly developed Internet, we can quickly find the crowded area and eliminate the smoking location under the smoking system through the real-time distribution of WeChat and Alipay users and the hot map of city population distribution.
With the retail terminal as the center, you can consider the pickup point within 100 meters.
Strengthen the integration relationship between the use of characteristic smoking areas and the specific surrounding environment.
The survey found that property owners are very concerned about whether the design of the smoking area matches the surrounding environment and whether it will affect the overall feeling of the original area.
In addition, facilities in smoking areas should have clean filtration performance and meet the requirements of green environmental protection as far as possible.
Considering the comprehensive benefits of economic cost, business expansion, social sharing and public supervision, and making full use of advanced design concepts at home and abroad, combined with environmental aesthetics and ergonomics knowledge, we can create a civilized smoking environment that truly meets the functions of urban support facilities and is humanized.